Thirty years of passionate commitment to family life growing up in our city has been well worth it.  My family and I love Menifee and helping families find their first home, or expand into something bigger with new additions to their families is my dream come true.

Married 10/10/81

WHO i am





My Biography

Prior to earning my real estate license, I've worked in securities for a great number of years, specializing in commodities, stocks, and mutual funds.  My background in finance gives me firsthand knowledge of reading investments and understanding shifts in the market.  I can sit down with a client, regardless of their goals, and walk them through the benefits of their investments, and since I have an understanding of the cost of borrowing money, I am able to help my clients find the right property for them, and also determine the best finance options, too.  Helping people is my favorite aspect of real estate, and business in general.  I like finding that ‘Diamond in the Rough’ for my clients, where a home checks off all the boxes and is exactly what they are looking for.  In order to best help my clients, I'm a steadfast believer in building a solid foundation of Trust.  Honesty and a sincere approach to client relationship building, creates instant credibility and a connection with others.  Buying a home is the biggest investment most people make in their lives.  Because of the magnitude of the decision, it is imperative that my clients and I Trust each other, and they know that Their interests, are my number one concern.

I've served in the  United States Marine Corps for 6 ½ years and my time in the Marines has instilled demonstrable leadership qualities that I still proudly display to this day. Traits learned such as Justice, Dependability, Judgment, Initiative, Integrity, Loyalty, Knowledge, Unselfishness, Bearing, Enthusiasm, Tact, and Endurance, are important Qualities in a Marine, as well as a Real Estate Agent.  Understanding how to work with people on a fundamental level, while working toward accomplishing their goals with them, will be paramount to my success as a REALTOR®.

My wife Diane and I have been married going on 39 years.  Thirty of those years, have been spent with a passionate commitment to family life growing up right here, in our beautiful city of Menifee.  My family and I love living in Menifee and helping families find their first home, or expanding into something bigger with the new additions to their families, is why I chose to be a Realtor.   "Tell Me WHAT You Want, What YOU Really, REALLY WANT."

Whether you're buying your very first home or moving to our beautiful city of Menifee, I will help you find the place you want to spend at least a substantial amount of your time, if not the rest of your life.


My experience and knowledge of the area will bode well to match both you and your lifestyle to an appropriate neighborhood that's within your price range.


I will never stop until you're happy, either. I know this is a big investment for you and want you to be as happy with your new residence as you were with your first true love.